Answers to Your Questions About Seamless Eavestrough

Frequently Asked Questions about Eavestrough
How do I know that I need new eavestrough or leaf guard?

The simplest way to tell if you need new eavestrough is to walk outside when it’s raining and look at your eavestrough. Is water overflowing? Is the eavestrough leaking? Is there water running down the side of your home instead of out the downspouts?

Now look at your eavestrough when it isn’t raining. Are they cracked? Stained? Sagging? Rusted? Is there something building a nest in your eavestrough? All of these are indications that you may need a replacement. Another common scenario is that as the fasteners on older eavestrough give out, they pull away from the fascia causing rain to miss the eavestrough altogether and provide a habitat for all sorts of animals.

Next time you’re up there cleaning your eavestrough, notice if there is a lot of ‘gunk’ accumulating on the bottom of your eavestrough. If there is, you want to consider getting leaf guard.

Clogged eavestrough can cause rainwater to overflow and seep into your home’s foundation, resulting in deterioration and flooding. Our trained estimator can tell you if you need new eavestrough. Contact us today for your free estimate and find out if your eavestrough is damaging your home.

Why do I need eavestrough at all?

Without eaves, your home is unprotected from water damage. When it rains, the water that flows off the roof lands around your home and can be very damaging to anything in its way, such as a wood or concrete deck or walkway, a flower garden or landscaping, and most importantly, your foundation.

The water will eventually erode the soil around the foundation and re-slope the grade towards your home. Once this happens, water will pool by your foundation, seep into the foundation, expand and crack in the winter, and then eventually make its way into your basement where it can cause serious damage. Properly installed eavestrough can help you avoid all these problems.

How often do I have to clean my eavestrough?

Plan on cleaning your eavestrough at least twice a year, depending on how much leaf litter you get around your home. Only take on this task yourself if you know you can work safely from a ladder or from the roof. If your roof has a steep pitch or is more than one-storey, plan on hiring a professional.

We recommend getting the Alu-Rex Continuous Hanger system to save yourself from this dirty and quite dangerous task. There are over 200,000 ladder accidents per year in North America, please avoid being one of them.

How do I stop my eavestrough from overflowing?

If your eavestrough is overflowing, either the eavestrough and/or downspouts are clogged, or they are too small to handle the volume of run-off. The standard eavestrough width used to be 4-inches; we now install 5-inch and 6-inch seamless eavestrough.

Any eavestrough installation that is more than 20 years old will likely need to be replaced as eavestrough standard widths have increased to better handle run-off from the roof. Our expert staff will also inspect the condition of your fascia to ensure that there is no damage or rot.

Why do I need to protect my eavestrough?

Your eavestrough performs the critical task of collecting rainwater and carrying it away from your roof, walls and foundation. Eavestrough that is choked with debris, tennis balls, leaves and other ‘gunk’ cause water to overflow and can damage the roof, siding, paint, interior walls, basement and foundation resulting in expensive repairs. It can also cause flooding and landscape erosion.

The ‘gunk’ that remains in your eavestrough creates a comfortable home for mosquitos, termites and plants. Protecting your eavestrough with the Alu-Rex Continuous Hanger system will protect your home.

Do you carry rain barrels?

No. Rain barrels can be a great addition to your home if you’re looking to minimize your outdoor water consumptions or if you’d like to be a bit more green and eco-aware. Most municipalities in our operating area offer rain barrels at deep discounts so we always direct our customers to contact their local government to find the best prices on rain barrels.

Do your eavestrough and downspouts come in more than one colour?

Yes! We have dozens of colours to choose from. Our expert staff will help you choose the colour and style that is perfect for your home.

Not only do we have different colours, we also have 5-inch and 6-inch widths to match your roof type. All of our eavestrough are made on-site with our seamless aluminum extrusion machines. Because our eavestrough are all aluminum, they will never rust and are able to withstand wear-and-tear for decades of great-looking function.

Why should I trust Can-Cro with my eavestrough?

Can-Cro has been installing eavestrough systems in southern Ontario since 1996. We have a solid reputation and stand behind all of our work with a 2-year labour warranty, on top of the product warranties. We use only the highest quality materials and our crews are experienced and dedicated to doing a great job on your home. Book your free estimate today and feel the difference that it makes to get covered by Can-Cro.

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