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Frequently Asked Questions about siding

Vinyl Siding Lasts, Looks Good, and Leaves Money in Your Wallet!

Isn’t vinyl siding tacky? And won’t the colours be boring?

Okay. We’ll admit that vinyl siding has had a bit of a bad reputation. For good reason. The first generation vinyl siding that was installed didn’t hold up as well as it should have to our Ontario winters, the colours were limited and well, it looked like vinyl siding.

All that has changed. In the last 15 or so years, manufacturers have stepped up their game. Today’s vinyl siding keeps its colour for years longer than paint and comes in a huge range of shades and styles. Ask our estimator to show you our colour chips during your free estimate. We’re confident that we have the colour you want.

The new vinyl formulas are durable and hold up very well to our weather while the wide variety of styles — from traditional to modern — mean that every home can get its look in vinyl — it’s not just horizontal siding anymore.

Now, with the innovative Celect® cellular PVC siding, your home can have the lustrous look of wood with none of the hassle and a seamless look that will last for 25 years. Guaranteed.

Why do so many houses have vinyl siding?

It’s the economic choice. Cheaper than almost any other siding and delivering a look that lasts, vinyl siding is also versatile. You can easily and affordably craft a cohesive look for your home with trim, eavestrough, shutters, window caps and more that all coordinate. Our trained estimator can help you design your look.

Is it high maintenance? Do I have to use a power washer?

Not at all. Because the colour is mixed right into the siding, you’ll never have to paint or stain. Today’s vinyl siding is resistant to dents, chips, cracks and rotting so maintenance is extremely simple.

When you notice your siding needs it, use a garden hose, a soft-bristled brush and  diluted cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer and give it a gentle cleaning. You can even use a dilute solution of vinegar in water. Less pressure is actually better for your vinyl siding so stay away from the pressure washer… as much fun as they can be.

Isn’t painting cheaper?

If you’re moving within the next three years, the answer is a definite ‘maybe’. Any longer than that and the balance tips heavily in favour of vinyl siding alongside with Ener-Airinsulation. If your home has lead-based paint or requires the wood siding to be repaired or replaced, then the costs of painting increase dramatically.

We’re confident that when you compare the cost of painting (not to mention the hassle!) every 3 to 5 years against the one-time investment in our high-quality vinyl siding you’ll see the siding advantage.

Here’s another factor to consider: one of the best investments you can make in your home before selling, is to upgrade the exterior to finishes that are now standard in new homes. That means vinyl siding. If you live in a competitive real estate market then you know that any improvements in curb appeal can have a huge impact on your selling price. When you choose our insulated vinyl siding, you’re providing another incentive for the buyer to choose your home over the one down the street.

The York Region area is one of the hottest real estate markets in North America and housing prices are increasing every year. Invest in a high-quality siding like Celect® cellular PVC and help your home stand out and get top dollar when you sell.

If you’re planning to stay in your home, there’s no competition. Vinyl siding will increase your insulative ‘R’ value and save you money on your heating and cooling bills while making your house look great… with less maintenance and effort on your part.

Will high winds rip off my vinyl siding?

Most siding installations are rated for winds up to 110 mph, that’s over 175 km/hour. Some vinyl siding used to ‘whistle’ in high winds but today’s siding and installation techniques have dealt with that issue. If there is a catastrophic weather event and your vinyl siding does rip off, it is much easier and more affordable to repair and replace than other types of siding.

Do I have to wait for summer to have it installed?

Vinyl siding can be installed in every season and you might find it easier to book your siding job on short notice in the cooler months when we are slightly less busy.

Sounds good so far. So what is vinyl siding?

The technical name is polyvinyl chloride and it is a polymer derived from petroleum. It has been used for medical, automotive, defense, flooring and appliance applications for several decades and is relied upon wherever strength and durability are required alongside beauty and versatility.

It won’t rot, warp, peel or blister and it does not crack or dent easily. The colour goes completely through, so you’ll never have to sand, scrape or paint. Many of our manufacturers now use a cradle-to-cradle recycling process to reduce the environmental impact of their vinyl siding. You can read more about that on our Celect® cellular PVC and vinyl siding pages.

Why Should I Re-Side My Home with Can-Cro?

New siding can give your home a totally new look, one that is fresher and more vibrant. It will greatly increase ‘curb appeal’ and reduce your maintenance and upkeep costs for years to come.

With today’s wide variety of vinyl siding style and colours, you’ll find just the look you’ve been dreaming of and with our insulated vinyl siding you’ll actually make your home more energy efficient at the same time, saving even more money.

It has been our experience that siding jobs need repair or replacement due to improper installation or product failure. You can trust Can-Cro’s several decades of experience and solid reputation in York Region and southern Ontario for a successful siding project. Our estimator will guide you to the products and manufacturers with proven track records and arrange your installation to take your home from dreary to drop-dead gorgeous as quickly as possible. Book your free estimate today.

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